Old School is Best School Season 4 Bonus Round - wPrime - 32m

Stage: wPrime - 32m open - 30 days to go

Stage Details

  • wPrime - 32m is open until 15 August 2018.
  • You have 30 days time left to make a submission!


  • Only use processors based on the Mendocino core.
  • Only use SDR SDRAM memory.
  • Please include CPU-Z CPU, Memory and Mainboard tab in your verification screenshot.
  • Only use motherboards using Apollo Pro, Apollo Pro+, Apollo Pro 133A/T, Apollo Pro 133, Apollo PLE133T, Apollo PLE133, 620, 630, 630e, Aladdin Pro II chipset.
  • Please provide a picture of your System!

Currently top leader

us Mr.Scott 4min 52sec 790ms good for 10 pts


wPrime - 32m Ranking

us Mr.Scott - 4min 52sec 790ms - 10 pts

Latest submissions for stage wPrime - 32m

  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. wPrime - 32m 4min 52sec 790ms United States Mr.Scott United States Warp9-systems 640 MHz Intel Celeron 533MHz (Mendocino, s370) Air 3   0