Rookie News 19/06: ASUS Republic of Gamers Top Rookie Team, DeanoMax (US) leading Rookie League with 429.50 pts

Team Rookies Novices
USA ASUS Republic of Gamers 45 96
USA Team Wccftech 45 3
United States /r/overclocking 44 57
United States 16 41
United States 12 12
Malaysia ASUS 9 19
Belgium Madshrimps Belgium OC Team 9 2
Germany PC Games Hardware 8 36
Russia Team Russia 8 19
Australia Australia OC 8 12

Every month or so we have a look at how well the overclocking teams adopt Rookie and Novice overclockers at HWBOT. The most friendly Rookie teams are based in North America mostly. The ASUS Republic of Gamers team continues its reign as main recruiter of Rookie overclockers with 45 Rookies and 96 (!) Novices. However, they are being challenged by Team Wccftech which has also enrolled 45 Rookies, but only 3 Novices. The recently formed team may soon take over the charts though. In third place we find /r/overclocking, also from the USA, with 44 Rookies and 57 Novices.

In the Rookie League, DeanoMax (Ninjalane) from the United States of America is leading with 429.50 points which is 106.4 points more than Dragon Soop (Play3r OC) from the United Kingdom and 128.8 points more than Skwurrl_Nutz from the United States.

Congratulations to all the overclocking teams adopting the new overclockers and of course the Rookies for their dedication to overclocking!

Check out Rookie League here

Belgium Massman says:

Pretty impressive showing by Wccftech ... they just announced the team! Wccftech Community Gives Back & Our New HWBot Team!

Also interesting to see top-5 being US-based communities :eek:

Czech Republic Sheppix says:

Bad luck for me, that article didn´t come up yesterday :-( 1st place before transfer to novice league :-(

United States SerpentXSF says:

I noticed @sheppix keep moving up! Good Luck
FYI I was coming for you before you moved up, now I need to set a new goal : P

Czech Republic Sheppix says:

[MENTION=209336]SerpentXSF[/MENTION] Thanks, good luck to you too :-)

United States says:

Don't feel bad, Sheppix, I won a rookie rumble and they never ran a story on it or even announced who won the prizes. It's like the thing never happened. Weirdest thing. Big grats on a league 1st place, though. Much respect.

Czech Republic Sheppix says:

I don't feel bad. It sounds different than I meant it.

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