Join the Alza OC Cup 2017, Starts Today!

Today we are really excited to announce a new contest that is hosted on OC-ESPORTS and sponsored for the first time by Czech electronics retailer Alza. Dubbed the Alza OC Up 2017, the contest invites European overclockers of all HWBOT leagues to compete across four stages with some really good prizes on offer for the winners.

Alza OC Cup 2017: August 4th - September 4th 2017

The Alza OC Cup 2017 underlines the company’s commitment to engaging with European PC enthusiasts and overclockers. The contest spans the month of August with four individual stages that will test your skills at pushing raw PC performance to the edge. Based in the Czech Republic, Alza has quickly grown over the last two decades to become Europe’s foremost electronics distributor.

The contest gets underway on OC--ESPORTS today and lasts exactly one month, ending on September 4th. Being a European company, the Alza Cup 2017 contest is open to European HWBOT members only. Here is a breakdown of the individual stages involved:

Alza OC Cup 2017 - Stages and Benchmarks

  • Stage 1: Intel XTU
  • Stage 2: GPUPI for CPU - 100M
  • Stage 3: SuperPI 32M
  • Stage 4: Geekbench3 Single Core

Hardware Restrictions

The Alza OC Cup is really quite straight forward in terms of what hardware you may or may not use. The contest allows any processors that use the Intel Socket LGA1150, LGA1151 and LGA1155. This means pretty much any CPUs you have going as far back as Sandy Bridge. There are no restriction on motherboard or memory brands and no limitations on CPU frequency. Commercially available hardware only (no ES).

Alza OC Cup: Prizes

Alza have generously put together a great prize pool that includes some delidded and pre-test CPUs, top tier motherboards from ASUS, Seasonic power supplies and Noctua coolers. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s on offer:

Read the full contest announcement here on OC-ESPORTS..

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