The OC Show, Season 4 Episode 6: OC-ESPORTS Update, Cape Town 2017, Coffee Lake, Threadripper and More

Episode 6 of the OC Show went live again at the usual Friday night time slot last week. Atlas, Toolius and Buildzoid again gave voice to the most recent Overclocking related topics. They kicked off with a look at the contests that are currently running on the OC-ESPORTS platform, including the Rookie Rumble #46 which just came to a conclusion. French Rookie protein took the win with US Rookie Frito arriving in second place and kava2126, also of the US making third. Toolius notes how it’s good to see healthy participation numbers with 358 overclockers taking part. Toolius also touches on the HWBOT Team Cup where have the lead and the GIGABYTE Beat the Heat where Finnish legend Luumi took the win in style.

Episode 6 also covers the recent OCWC Cape Town 2017 Qualifier contest which took place during the HWBOT World Tour visit to EGE in South Africa. DrWeez took the win with Schnubab taking runner up spot. DrWeez will be heading to Berlin at the end of the year, joining steponz (US), Dancop (Germany), PXHX (Brazil) and rsannino (Italy) in the OCWC Final.

There’s also the news about Intel’s forthcoming Coffee Lake processor platform which will bring octa-core options to its mainstream platform for the first time, with Core i3 models featuring quad-core models. Plus, it turns out that current Z270 based Socket 1151 motherboards may well not support Coffee Lake.

Other key topics in Episode six include the 1080 Ti uncork guide from TiN at EVGA, leaks regarding the forthcoming AMD Threadripper platform and a discussion about the newly announced HWBOT World Tour visit to Canada for DreamHack Montreal next month. You can find the OC Show Episode 6 here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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