OCWC Montreal Qualifier: Contest Rules and Hardware Confirmed

The HWBOT World Tour returns to Canada, this time visiting Montreal for DreamHack 2017 on September 2nd -6th. As well as Overclocking workshops for attending gamers and enthusiasts, the event will feature plenty of competitive extreme overclocking in the form of an Overclocking World Championship Montreal 2017 Qualifier. Today we bring you confirmation of the overall structure and rules that will used in the contest and the hardware and benchmarks that will be involved.

Overclocking World Championship – Montreal 2017 Qualifier - Extreme overclockers in the region are invited to take part in the Montreal 2017 Qualifier contest. To compete, you have to purchase an LN2 ticket (available here), this will give you access to the Overclockers Gathering and unlimited LN2. Here’s a breakdown of how the contest is organized:

September 9th – Qualification Round

Benchmarks (three in three hours)

  • -SuperPi 32
  • Cinebench R15
  • 3DMark11 Physics?


  • Intel Core i7 7700K provided by HWBOT
  • Team Group DDR4 Memory provided by HWBOT (model TBC)
  • Motherboard not provided. Any Z170 / Z270 (No ES / Non-Retail)
  • SSD not provided. Any model / OS
  • Power Supply not provided
  • Peripherals not provided
  • Cool Solutions not provided
  • LN2 provided by HWBOT (Cascades not allowed)

To read the full and comprehensive list of rules for the OCWC Montreal 2017 Qualifier, check out this blog post here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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