[Video] Gamers Nexus Hybrid Mod NVIDIA Titan V for Liquid Cooling

Steve Burke and the crew at Gamers Nexus have certainly been pumping out some good content using their newly acquired NVIDIA Titan V graphics card. Today we bring you an interesting video where they attempt a hybrid mod that mounts an All-in-One closed loop cooler to the card. The job involves quite a bit of improvisation, with Steve going through his vast collection of AiO coolers to figure out which one would be best suited to cooling the massive GV100 graphics processor which also features mounted High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) which makes the chip even more delicate. Let’s just say that I’ve never seen Steve so careful - not too surprising seeing as he paid 3,000 USD from his own pocket for the card.

The mission starts with Steve going through his vast array of All-in-One cooling products that he amassed over the years through product reviews etc. After trying out several options including his recent handmade effort he produced for a Vega card, it turns out that the best fit for the mounting holes of his Titan V was a Silent Loop 280 from Be Quiet!, a CPU cooler designed for a range of socket types, including the larger AMD TR4 socket. It was the only thing that could handle the larger 70mm x 70mm mounting holes (larger than Vega which uses 64mm x 64mm mounting holes). No doubt the massive 815mm2 die size means wider mounting holes than you would expect on most graphics card PCBs.

The next step on the mission is to determine what kind of force would be required to maintain thermal dissipation from the GPU, HBM and the cooler’s plate. To do this, Steve estimated what mounting pressure he needed, figuring that around 11.5 mm of screw thread exposed would suffice. He prepped the card by using two layers of paper that chemically react to show you how much contact is happening between the mounting plate and the GPU. After some careful adjustments, it looks pretty well mounted and ready for some water cooled overclocking fun.

You can find the video from Steve Burke here on the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel.

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