Benchmark development

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Benchmark development – HWBOT Content Site

Benchmark development

HWBOT and benchmarks

Since the beginning, HWBOT’s activities always revolved around benchmarks that determine the performance of a hardware configuration. Back in 2005, we offered a service that allowed forums from around the globe to compare their overclocking results with other forums using widely accepted benchmarks such as 3DMark and SuperPI. With HWBOT evolving into an on-site overclocking database and competition platform, we became more aware of the quality of a benchmark. For us, the two most important aspects of a benchmark is the scoring consistency and the benchmark security.

HWBOT Benchmark Development

From the beginning, we’ve always tried to help benchmark developers improve their software. We have also been involved in the creation of our own benchmarks as well as the adoptation of existing benchmarks to the HWBOT website. A list of HWBOT’s benchmark adoptations.

  • Wprime
    • Added to HWBOT benchmark suite 11/dec/2006
    • First application to directly submit information to the HWBOT database
    • Widely accepted multi-threaded benchmark
  • MaxxMem

    • Added to HWBOT benchmark suite 31/dec/2009
    • Submit directly to HWBOT database
  • HWBOT Unigine Heaven DX9/DX11

    • Added to HWBOT benchmark suite 20/aug/2010
    • First competitive DX11 benchmark
    • Submits directly to the HWBOT database
    • Development of benchmark launcher from ground up
      • Found and resolved critical benchmark timing issue
      • Add security levels

    We also provide feedback and testing reports to benchmark developers to help them improve their benchmarks.

    • Futuremark 3DMark/PCMark
    • Geekbench

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