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HWBOT Contact – HWBOT Content Site

HWBOT Contact

Official HWBOT Contact Information

If you have a question for the HWBOT related to partnerships, projects or any other form of cooperation, feel free get in touch.

Development Office

GCV Colardyn IT
Schrieksesteenweg 188
BTW BE 0892.696.641


HWBOT (漢威榜顧問有限公司)
3F No.291, Chang’an West Road, 103 Taipei City, Taiwan
臺灣台北市長安西 路291號3樓
+886 970 726 470


Organizational Information – Professional Staff

Frederik Colardyn
  • Founder, Head of Development
  • Belgium
  • Contact:

Frederik Colardyn is the founder, president and chief executive officer of the HWBOT organization. His daily operations consist of developing new features as main software developer.

Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Pieter-Jan Plaisier is chief operating officer and general project manager of the HWBOT organization. He is responsible for the daily operations as well as researching investments.


Timothée Pineau
  • Business Development Manager
  • France
  • Contact:

Located in Taiwan, two days a week Timothée helps the organization develop new ideas, new insights, and start new projects. He uses his experience of working in the IT industry and at Overclocking-TV to spread the message of overclocking and HWBOT.

Christian Ney
  • Head of Moderation
  • Switzerland
  • Contact:

Christian is in charge of everything related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. Together with his result moderator staff, he takes care of the benchmark submissions reported by the community and looks into odd-looking scores.


Stewart Haston
  • Editor
  • United Kingdom
  • Contact:

Stewart takes care of the front page news items and the official press release communication of HWBOT. Backed by years of experience in the Taiwan hardware industry, Stewart uses his know-how of marketing and computing to phrase the plans of HWBOT in press communications and articles.

Michael Keilholz
  • Moderating Support
  • Germany
  • Contact: email

Michael helps Christian with all matters related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. His primary focus is the online competitions.


Mike Gorius
  • Pro OC Program Manager
  • United Kingdom
  • Contact:

Mike Gorius is in charge of organizing the Pro OC Program, including communication with hardware partners and content creators.


Community Leadership

Throughout its lifetime, HWBOT could never have become what it is today without the help of countless volunteers helping out primarily with moderating the incoming benchmark results, but also maintaining the hardware database and managing the forums. It is thanks to the volunteer staff that we can continue to develop this site and guide this organization to new opportunities. HWBOT was founded by the overclocking community, and will always be led by that community. The Volunteer Managing Staff is ready for any challenge ahead and relies on the will and enthusiasm of the many HWBOT staff members to help build HWBOT. Feel free to contact any of the Volunteer Managing Staff in case of concerns.

Christian Ney
  • Result Moderation Manager
  • Switzerland
  • Contact:

Christian is in charge of everything related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. Together with his result moderator staff, he takes care of the benchmark submissions reported by the community and looks into odd-looking scores.

Roman Hartung (“Der8auer”)

Roman is taking care of everything that goes on in the forum. He manages the team of forum moderators and keeps the forum users in check. Feel free to contact Roman with questions regarding forum topics, posts or users.


Karl-Christian Guggi (“Turrican”)
  • Honorary Staff Member
  • Austria
  • /

Since November 2008, Karl helped out updating HWBOT hardware database with passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject. He passed away suddenly in September 2014. Karl will always be part of our staff as a honorary member. His passion for overclocking and dedication to the community will never be forgotten.

Victor Codin (“El Genieben”)
  • Software Manager
  • Romania
  • Contact:

El Genieben is the software guy of the volunteer staff. He engineers and builds software application that make the life of the overclocker a lot easier. He is actively working on continuing the support for the much-loved Aquamark3 benchmark, and has built an all-in-one installer for the HWBOT benchmark applications.


Goddy McRoodt

As an internationally renowned competitive overclocking, Goddy provides valuable input on competitions and topics related to competitive overclocking at HWBOT.

Brendan van Varik (“TheMadDutchDude”)

Brendan is our news editor. He takes care of the front page and looks for nifty new overclocking articles to turn in to news. Feel free to get in touch if you have any news to share.


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  1. There is lots of old hardware wich can be submitted to HWbot. but there is missing several legendary hardware: 3Dfx’s voodoos. So can we have Voodoo, Voodoo2( and SLI), Voodoo3, Voodoo4/5, Voodoo 5 6000 in HW bot? and how about 3dmark1999 and 3dmark2000


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South Africa gwbgff says:

Dear Goddy, I was getting all my systems parts information and by mistake my profile got set before I entered the details. I cannot find where I can edit my profile. If you could please tell me how to edit my profile to put in my parts information in, I would be grateful to you. My apologies for messing this up. Kind regards, Gerald Fleming

websmile says:

There is a small arrow next to your nickname on top. Click on this and you see options including profile.

Czech Republic kubrhead1 says:

Hello, I want to ask why I can not accept the challenges?

Germany Baddemichl says:

Hi, when will be RTX mobile Cards online?

Russian Federation Axtinomy says:

11 hours ago, Baddemichl said:

when will be RTX mobile Cards online

I'll add them this evening.

Russian Federation Axtinomy says:

19 hours ago, Baddemichl said:

RTX mobile


Japan Broken APEX49 says:

I can not log in to the forum Help me

Russian Federation Mishanya1344 says:

Hi. I`m the founder of the ChemasOverclockingTeam team (https://hwbot.org/team/chemasoverclockingteam), now team has no captains assigned, so I`d like to regain captain privileges. Recently I moved to another team, but in the end I decided to return. Already several times wrote to the e-mail Christian and Michael but didn`t receive a response. Thanks. [img]https://i.imgur.com/nwA631G.png[/img]

Belgium leeghoofd says:

reported to the programmers Mishanya1344

Russian Federation Mishanya1344 says:


AteXIleR says:

Could you add the new Kirin, Snapdragon and Exynos SoC iterations to the list of available processors in the submission section? I assume there are some who would be interested to upload his newer devices' scores onto the leaderboard. Please.

United States Dirtydezzy88 says:

I9 9900KS is not a valid selection in the processor section

Russian Federation M1RROR says:

problem with GTx8 results: https://ibb.co/qFrvPDd

Belgium leeghoofd says:

seems to be a bug with DDR3 and this particular memory 

United States Fragmeister says:

I joined a few days ago and was receiving points for submissions however in the past 5 days my total GTPP and HTPP points do not show or update on my profile page as well as cups and medals, can this be fixed?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

I fear this page is partly broken since the classic update.

HWBot is making a transition to a new owner and the code will be revised by a new programmer. meaning this will take a long time before it will get fixed as we need to addres issues with a higher priority

Japan Broken APEX49 says:

About Cheapaz Chips Round 1 APU AMD 3000G FM / UL verification link is required ← How can I set it up? The link between 3DMark and HWBOT has already been established, but there is no submission item to HWBOT from the result screen

Australia cbjaust says:

Copy and paste the url from the futuremark result to the compare url on the entry form


Japan Broken APEX49 says:

Thank you for information understood

Belgium The Otherside says:

Hello, i'm kinda new here, been hobbying pc's and hardware since 82 last century :)... so i made a profile, and submitted some scores, also fro xtu intel. Other submitted benches went ok, the xtu, was a bit figuring it out, and imo it worked, i submitted actual benches done on my pc, yesterday or the day before. Now when logging in and checking my profile, on top it says 3 submissions reported, so appearantly i must have done something wrong, also is it not possible to set my xtu profile 'public' ... at this moment when i go and check my profiles from xtu, they are gone, at the link on top where it says 'reported (3)' there is a sheet, where appearantly i must select a 'row' but it is complete blank, and cannot select anything, also an error message is posted in the sheet. In the comments is said that there are suggestions to alter my settings, so i loaded the profile in xtu, but it where the same settings... And my profile is unaible to make public for 'use of testing material and and some more things i should be using to do those benches' ... ehm shame i could not respond immediately to whoever decided that some settings could not even be made with my setup ... this is actually kinda weird, because the benches are just done on my pc, without help of any aftermarket super hardware testing rig ... but as said i am new here on site, so i probably must have done something wrong ... day 3 on the site, and i must say i am amazed that there is actually response to my scores, harder even, they get reported, or flagged automatically ... to be honest i have not gone through the hassle of reading every rule, because there are a lot of them, as i went to look at them a bit more euh focused. My personal goal is only to compare what i make with the settings of the hardware, and compare it with scores of other enthousiasts as to say... Can someone pls point me in a direction as maybe who to contact about the reported submissions. Because this community is for a third time visitor quite huge with a wide range of interest. So i understand there must be rules, not even arguing about that ... but being told i use special hardware and/or getting reported as such... So can someone pls enlighten me a little bit, i have no intentions what so ever to alter tests in my advantage being it with modded hardware or dodgy software, for the reason that i absolutely see no point in fooling myself. And for openers it would be nice if someone could just tell me what went wrong to begin with ;) ... Thanks in advance for taking your time reading this to begin with ... ;) peace out

United States Splave says:

Welcome, any questions you want to ask about rules feel free to make a thread with what you'd like to know. Not so bad once you get the hang of it. Don't take offense to reported submissions we all get them.


Edit: you will need screen shot with info in picture I posted red boxes mandatory.

GeekBench 4 - Multi-Core.png

Belgium leeghoofd says:

If you have any speciific question you can contact me,  Bilko or Georgestorm.


Anyway quick update on the site for you: subbing for other benchmarks via the XTU profile will be disabled in the future: it gives not accurate info and user tend to forget HWBot requires a verification screenshot in 99% of the cases ( like Splave showed you )

Before you go into benching or comparing scores with other users always check out the rules at the frontpage. Click on Benchmarks,  choose CPU, GPU or memory benchmarks, select the rules of the benchmark you want to run...


Belgium The Otherside says:

Hey hello, thanks for the replies, ;) was not offended, here to learn, and probably maybe even an automated reaction on one of the settings, so no offence taken at all, if my rig gets seen as 'engineering hardware' how can i even be offended ;) ... thanks

Belgium The Otherside says:

Oh and forgot to mention, it was not about other benchmarks through the xtu profile, but the xtu benchmark it self, every time ...

Belgium leeghoofd says:

XTU competitive usage at HWBOT has been stopped a while ago due to the fact it is far from stable, newer versions gave way higher output messing up the rankings and last but not least it still can be seriously bugged in output (intentionally or not).

Look at this score for instance:


Lately we here that people are running into hardware detection problems (stating they have ES hardware), the output datafile is sometimes no longer compatible with HWBot, ...

HWBot has a new owner and once the paperwork is completed we will discus if this bench still has a future here.



Belgium The Otherside says:

Thanks for the info, learning on the go ;)

Belgium The Otherside says:

And indeed the xtu score is quite impressive, way to big gap to 3rd place...Or must be damn lucky regarding the processor bought

Belgium leeghoofd says:

its just a bugged score, one of the reasons we don't use it anymore, these scores are everywhere , totally out of whack. Alsothey released a newer version which boosted scores over 20% , totally shredding up the existing ranking... no no no 

Belgium The Otherside says:

Ow ... the plot thickens ;) ... last question, since i now understand why the reporting was done, next to reported there is (4) do i need to do anything about this 4 submissions ?? Or is it just an 'reported' counter ? Guess this gets more interesting every day .... when the benchmarks get programmed to outrun tests on their predecessors ... must be getting complicated then, so you convinced me leeghoofd, its not empty at all :D thanks for giving some text about the whats and whatnots ;)

Sweden TTM says:

got "An error accurred while trying to upload the profile" ????

Belgium leeghoofd says:

5 hours ago, TTM said:

got "An error accurred while trying to upload the profile" ????

what profile are you referring too ?

Sweden AnteBjork says:

Can you please fix the error on the "Reported" page. Seems to have been there for a while. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/194025-reported-tool-not-working/

Belgium leeghoofd says:

It's already in the to do list for the new programmer

I asked for a status update of how the progress is, keep you posted

Belgium The Otherside says:

Hello, I have accidentally submitted a score of 3d mark 11 entry level 2 times, 1st i typed score 15.923 as meaning fifteen thousand, but see afterwards is taken for 15,923 (bit less than 16 (not thousand))... so i submitted the score 15923 a second time, only then found out the original was able to be edited ... Idk if it is needed, but i could not personally remove one ... And please, where again is the desktop background picture for download, for i taken a picture from old bench, and moved all cpu-z and -g over the old ones (that where screenshot) ... thanks in advance and appologies for the inconvenience ... grtzzzz ps leeghoofd ... you are legend :o

Belgium The Otherside says:

Ok, found it ... shouted to soon ;) could be removed on the profile page ...

Belgium leeghoofd says:

11 minutes ago, The Otherside said:

Ok, found it ... shouted to soon ;) could be removed on the profile page ...

that's just the link to your profile, I deleted the double one already, bench on!

Bulgaria AUDIDHH says:

Hello. I have an issue - every time I try to search for a CPU or find it through Hardware Library, there is an error message 504 Gateway Time-out. Tried from different ISPs and browsers but with no success. This is happening for about a week now. Could you please tell me is the problem on my side or not? Thank you.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Hwbot server problem at Amazon... Only thing that helps is too refresh a few times than it will pop up

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