motorcyclerider's Performance Test global challenge - Sep 18, 2013 until Oct 18, 2013 #2

motorcyclerider challenged everyone to beat him at PerformanceTest
Hardware limitations:
  • a processor with the 1025 core
  • a processor running at 5100MHz or less

MrPaco won the challenge with the following score: 4492.7 Marks


Challenges are just for fun. No (OC-ESPORTS) points are awarded, and they are not moderated by HWBOT staff.


Accept the challenge if you want to let motorcyclerider know you will try to beat him.

The following members have accepted the challenge: MrPaco, ARIEHM (defeated), Moonzone (defeated), Fr4nc-SLO (defeated), HonXu (defeated), red1776 (defeated), motorcyclerider (defeated)

You can not accept this challenge.


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United States motorcyclerider says:

No more than 2 GPU's.

United States racingken says:

I only use one GPU, so whats this challenge about, video card or CPU?


United States racingken says:

I may be an old fart to you, but I am still young in my mind, and I enjoy tinkering with computers, I have some new parts on order, and some I have already received for a new AMD A10 build. I will be torturing it, and using water cooling for my first time. I may also swap the cold plate back to my FX8350 and try to get to 5.3mhz with it. In fact I know I will at some point.It is just my nature to see what I can do. I am sure that is how you feel about overclocking also. I will join the challenge sometime either this weekend or next week.

United States motorcyclerider says:

The complete score. All bench marks from the test. It just not more 2 video cards. You cam use one.

United States motorcyclerider says:

In fact I'm not sure this benchmark even uses more than one gpu.

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