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Profil von WhiteWulfe


Apprentice - Canada Canada - United States Warp9-systems

Liga Rangliste
Weltweit: #928 out of 29011
Apprentice League: #102 out of 1356
Team: #22 Warp9-systems
Länder: #18 Canada

Season Ranking
Weltweit: #271 out of 2345
Apprentice League: #45 out of 170
Team: #13 Warp9-systems
Länder: #7 Canada

Other Rankings
Hardware Masters: #721 von 147853

Global Masters: #1212 out of 147853
Career Ranking: 673,5 from 2014 - 2019
Top 30 global points 38
Top 60 hardware points 635,5
Season 2019: 205,2 in 2019
Top 10 competitions points 30
Top 15 global points 8,5
Top 30 hardware points 136,7
Team Power Punkte: 888,2 erzielt für das Team (GTPP und: HTPP)

Totale Punkte:
Global: 38 erzielt in Benchmark Ranglisten
Hardware: 946,7 erzielt in Hardware Ranglisten
Wettkampf: 50 erzielt in Wettkämpfen
Totale Punkte: 1.034,7 Punkte in Total

Erfolge: 40/104 Freigeschalten

Challenges: 6/10 Gewonnen

Über mich

I'm just your average, ordinary bencher who happens to use old gear for fun. Usually with a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Pro 240 AIO/CLC, or when able, dry ice in a Kingpin Dragon F1. I seem to focus mainly on LGA 775, but I also enjoy 1155 and 1150, as well as AM2 and AM3, even if I don't have much in the way of AMD gear.

My happiest achievement here on the 'bot was reaching 5th in Rookie league using just gear I had lying around, and then seeing what I could do with such. I never did see the Enthusiast league, simply because I went from Novice to what was at the time Extreme league. I bench for fun, and to push my skills further.

Erfolge Schaufenster

7 Oktober 14
Reach top-10 of Your Overclockers League
18 Februar 19
Collect 100 cups and medals
25 Februar 19
Collect 25 golden cup
25 Oktober 16
Make 1000 submissions to HWBOT.
26 April 19
Collect 50 Cups and Medals on LGA775