ASUS Sandy Bridge OC Guide (PDF)

Originally posted over at XtremeSystems, I've thrown this interesting article into a .PDF to make it easier to read and keep for future reference. All credit of course goes to Sxs112 who wrote the entire article!

Link: click to download the PDF

For the amateur detectives out there, did you manage to see find the clue that kind of proves all this was written in ASUS HQ? (hint)

To get ourselves prepared for the transition towards the next Intel mainstream, namely the P67, I would like to share my personal findings by writing up this overclocking guide to get people to be more familiarized with this platform. Any further comments and suggestions, please do kindly POST after this thread.

First of all, let’s look at the CPU Core speed. The existing Intel Sandybridge CPU has been classified into three categories, being the full unlocked (i.e. the K series), the partial unlocked (the non-K 4 core), and locked (dual core) processors. Up to date, there are only 2 models around, being the 2500K and 2600K. The major difference between the two is with the difference in CPU Ratio and the support of HT, where the 2500K is a 4C4T processor without HT, while the 2600K is a 4C8T processor with HT support, both with the absolute highest CPU Turbo Ratio selectable of 57x as I was told.


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