G.SKILL Hosts OC World Cup and World Record Stage and at Computex 2016

G.SKILL have just announced their plans for Computex 2016 where once again we will be treated to a World Record Stage where five local motherboard vendors go head to head live on the show floor to see who can whip out the best scores and records. Then of course there is the third edition of the OC World Cup which pits some of the best overclockers in the world against each other for some seriously tasty looking wads of cash of up to $10,000. This year will see Dancop, Alex@ro, Hazzan, Splave, Wizerty, and Lucky_n00b compete.

[Press Release] G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is extremely excited to announce and host the two largest annual extreme overclocking events at Computex this year – the 5th Annual OC World Record Stage 2016 and 3rd Annual OC World Cup 2016.

Gathering an all-star lineup of professional overclockers from around the world, G.SKILL is ready to rewrite overclocking benchmark world records with the newest hardware from the leaders of each field, including the top 5 manufacturers of performance motherboards, Intel, Samsung, and NVIDIA.

Both events will be held at G.SKILL Computex Booth I0608, located at Taipei City’s Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1F.

Read more at the G.SKILL website here.

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