HWBOT World Tour 2016: Day 4 – Xtreme Addict Beats Bullshooter

The final qualification round of the World Series Asia contest got underway earlier today with the highest turn out seen on any day of the week. 26 overclockers again went head to head benching on Intel’s latest and greatest Extreme Edition processors in an effort to clinch the final seat in the Semi-Finals on Saturday. The three benchmarks used in today’s three hour qualification round were XTU4GHz (i.e. CPU clocks restricted to 4GHZ frequency or below), 3DMark Fire Strike Physics and Memory Clock Single Channel.

The eventual winner with a pair of outright wins in stages 1 and 2 was in fact yesterday’s 1v1 runner up, the passionate Pole that is known in OC circles simply as Xtreme Addict. In second place we have Swiss No.1 racoon who proved his worth pushing DDR4 memory clocks with a win stage 3. Third place on the podium went to India’s foremost overclocker, Toolius. Here are the prizes and standings for the qualification round:

1st Place: $500 USD: Xtreme Addict (Poland)

2nd Place: $250 USD: Racoon (Switzerland)

3rd Place: $125 USD: Toolius (India)

Note: For several reasons that we will outline here in some detail, the actual 1v1 contestants for day 4 did not end up being the top two on the leaderboard. Xtreme Addict takes his place in the 1v1 as qualification round leader, simple enough. This is where it gets a little more complicated.

Day 1 winner Rauf will not be in Taiwan for the Finals on Saturday and thusly had to concede his place. His place would ordinarily go to Day 1 runner up Hazzan, except that Hazzan already has a place in the finals as 1v1 winner of Day 2. The Finals ticket was then handed to third place finisher Bullshooter who in fact declined due to the fact that he would rather arrive at the final using a GIGABYTE board as opposed to the ASRock boards usedon Day 2 (Note contest rules dictate that overclockers must use the same board in the finals that used in qualification).

This means that his place now goes to Racoon who now claims the Day 1 final berth in the finals with Bullshooter facing Xtreme Addict in the Day 4 1v1 contest. The upshot of this complicated state of affairs means that in Day 4, Bullshooter actually managed to position himself in line for a Semi-Final ticket benching on GIGABYTE.

Bullshooter and Xtreme Addict arrived on the HWBOT mains stage benching on randomly drawn i7 6950X chips and GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion motherboards. The two contenders saw the random benchmark draw throw out 3DMark Fire Strike Physics, a benchmark that once again was accepted by both overclockers without veto.

With just over ten minutes of bench time remaining, Xtreme Addict was flying high with a score of 33,239, while Bullshooter had not yet actually made a successful run – signs that something was wrong with his system. Possible condensation issues due the humid Taiwan climate, a very real issue in live benching, or possibly just the Gods of irony, with the GIGABYTE board not giving the German the competitive edge he was looking for.

With just seconds to go Bullshooter finally posted a 3DMark Firestrike Physics score of 32,009 points. By the close of the contest however Xtreme Addict had managed to win the 1v1 contest with his score of 33,239.

Congrats to Xreme Addict! The Semi-Final line up for tomorrow will involve Dancop vs Xtreme Addict and Racoon vs Hazzan.

You can find the score and submission from the qualification round here on OC-ESPORTS.

You can follow all the action from tomorrow on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel Plus you can enjoy full replays of today’s action on on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel

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