Rookie News 17/06: Reddit Overclocking (/r/overclocking) Top Rookie Team, UFDisciple (ZA) leading Rookie League with 453.70 pts

Team Rookies Novices
United States /r/overclocking 30 67
USA ASUS Republic of Gamers 26 25
United States 17 50
Germany PC Games Hardware 12 48
Ukraine Overclockers.UA 10 39
France [HFR] 9 0
ID Uns Oc Team 8 7
US Tech|Inferno 6 3
IT HwReady OC Official Team 5 27
USA 5 15

Every month or so we have a look at how well the overclocking teams adopt Rookie and Novice overclockers at HWBOT. The most friendly Rookie teams are based in North America mostly. Just like last month the most Rookie friendly team is the Overclocking Subreddit /r/overclocking which enrolled 30 (+1) Rookies and 67 (+3) Novices. In second place we find ASUS Republic of Gamers from the United States with 26 (+1) Rookies and 25 (+2) Novices. In third place we find the with 17 (-2) Rookies and 50 (-1) Novices. New in the table is the French team from [HFR] and the US-based team from Tech|inferno.

In the Rookie League, UFDisciple from South Africa and winner of the World Series for Amateurs in Africa is leading with 453.70 points which is 188.9 points more than I_AssassinArka_I from India and 243.7 points more than NFree from Hungary.

Congratulations to all the overclocking teams adopting the new overclockers and of course the Rookies for their dedication to overclocking!

Check out Rookie League here

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