Alex@ro (Romania) Takes Down Three Global First Place Rankings with ‘Coffee Lake’ Core i7 8700K

Here’s an update regarding the recent benching action from Alex@ro. He’s the Romanian No.1, current Worldwide No.10 and winner of the GALAX GOC 2017 contest. It looks like he’s recently been busy getting better acquainted with Intel’s latest Coffee Lake platform. In fact, by now I’m sure Alex knows his Core i7 8700K processor at a very intimate level, taking three Global First Place rankings for six-core CPUs; Cinebench R15, HWBOT x265 4K and wPrime 1024M. Very nice going. Let’s have a look at the scores and the hardware configurations involved.

Let’s start with his work with the HWBOT x265 4K benchmark in which he managed a score of 19.76 fps. The score was made using a ‘Coffee lake’ Core i7 8700K processor which we believe was pushed to 6,864MHz which is +85.51% beyond stock settings. The rig used throughout the session also involved an ASUS Maximus X Apex motherboard. In terms of system memory we’re talking about a DDR4 kit running at 2,067MHz (CL12.0 11-11-28).

In Cinebench R15 Alex used the same rig to post a new Global First Place ranked score of 2,350 cb points. In this case the CPU was pushed to 6,940MHz. The new Global First Place score for octa-core CPUs in the wPrime 1024M benchmark now stands at a run 1min 0 586ms. In this run we have the highest CPU frequency of the session, with the i7 8700K hitting an almighty 6,970MHz, a very healthy +88.38% beyond stock. It’s worth noting also that according Alex’s submission details, the CPU used in all three benchmarks was a pre-tested and delidded chip from Alza, a Czech-based e-retailer that is very accommodating when it comes to high-performance hardware and the needs of overclockers in general.

In the above Global First Place scores we should note that all three nudge out previous best scores from Dancop (Germany). It will be interesting to see if Dancop makes an emphatic retort over the weekend. I should also mention that Alex@ro’s recent benching sessions with his core i7 8700K also yielded 2nd Place Ranked scores in both XTU and GeekBench 3.

You can check out all the submissions in the links above, and can also pay a visit to the Alex@ro profile page to keep abreast of his recent six-core, Coffee Lake adventures. Nice work Alex!

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