GIGABYTE Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0 upgraded with improved VRM

GIGABYTE released a major revision of Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming motherboard. Revision 2.0 replaces the 7-phase CPU VRM of the original with a new 11-phase setup that uses stronger ferrite-core chokes that don't whine when stressed. This new revision will be a part of the prize money of the GIGABYTE HWBOT competitions this winter: the AUROS Winter OC Challenge, the currently running AORUS March Madness and the soon to be anounced april competition too!

The company is also including one M.2 SSD heatsink for the upper M.2-22110 slot, which the original lacks. Besides these, the Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0 is identical to the original, including its RGB LED diffusers, multiple RGB headers governed by GIGABYTE RGB Fusion software, two reinforced PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots (x8/x8 when both are populated) with NVIDIA SLI support, one gigabit Ethernet interface driven by an Intel i219-V controller, and a premium onboard audio solution with a headphones amplifier and 120 dBA SNR CODEC (Realtek ALC1220); and a price ranging between $150-$170.

United States GtiJason says:

Cool, where can I send my first rev board still new in box to so I can receive the updated board

AlphaC says:

On 3/4/2018 at 8:31 PM, GtiJason said:

Cool, where can I send my first rev board still new in box to so I can receive the updated board

They should have launched with this...

United Kingdom No1Spank says:

I wouldn't send it anywhere, I RMA'd mine to eBuyer who have sent it back to me with bent pins.  You couldn't mash them up so bad if you tried, they are pushed right down to the bottom of the socket.

I only RMA'd it because it wouldn't run XMP memory and I don't like the board.  They obviously didn't want to give me my money back.

The customer support from Gigabyte when I've looked into getting a repair is garbage, no phone numbers or straight forward email address.  A questionaire with lots of irrelevant details to fill in.

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