G.SKILL OC World Cup 2019 - Alex@ro from Romania Wins OC Champion Title

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G.SKILL OC World Cup 2019 – Alex@ro from Romania Wins OC Champion Title



Taipei, Taiwan (3 June 2019) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is thrilled to announce the winner of the 6th Annual OC World Cup 2019 - major congratulations to Alex@ro from Romania on winning the OC World Cup 2019 Champion title and taking home an astounding grand prize of $10,000 USD and a K|ngp|n Cooling GPU TEK-9 ICON 3.0 GPU LN2 Pot! All contestants were using highest-performance retail hardware in the competition, including Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processors, motherboards based on the Intel Z390 chipset, and G.SKILL DDR4 memory modules made with Samsung B-die components.


The annual G.SKILL OC World Cup is one of the biggest overclocking competition with the largest single cash prize for the champion at $10,000 USD. In this 6th Annual OC World Cup, the top nine overclockers from the online qualifier stage - from Romania Alex@ro, Bullshooter, Dancop, IvanCupa, Lucky_n00b, Niuulh, Radi, rsannino, and safedisk - competed head-to-head on a live stage in front of worldwide audiences from the tech industry at the G.SKILL Computex booth. After three days of the Live Qualifier round, three finalists – Alex@ro, Dancop, and Lucky_n00b – emerged to compete against each other in the Grand Final stage. Upon a full day of overclocking and benching, Alex@ro emerged as the winner in the final moments of the competition.



G.SKILL also would like to specially thank the master judges – Hiwa, Steponz, l0ud_Silence, and Leeghoofd, as well as the administrators at HWBOT. This overclocking competition couldn't have been possible without their dedication and efforts.






Established in 1989 by PC hardware enthusiasts, G.SKILL specializes in high performance memory, SSD products, and gaming peripherals designed for PC gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Combining technical innovation and rock solid quality through our in-house testing lab and talented R&D team, G.SKILL continues to create record-breaking memory for each generation of hardware and hold the no. 1 brand title in overclocking memory.

FlanK3r says:

screenshots are missing

Belgium richba5tard says:

Weird, only I can see them. Fixing!

Belgium richba5tard says:

Ah, much better. :)

United States MaddMutt says:

Is there a way to see the pictures in higher res like 1920x1080 or better??

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Big congrats to @Alex@ro for winning the OCWC 2019, and also to @Dancop on the Top 3.

Normal person wouldn't understand the effort to get to this point, it's WAY harder than it looked for sure!


I feel honored to be able to be one stage with you overclocking Gods, hopefully we can meet on some other competitions :D 



Until next time, Keep pushing it ;) 

Romania Alex@ro says:

Thanks to everyone! Also a big thanks to @Splave for always cheering up and encouraging me for this contest! A big congrats to everyone that qualified and took part in the live final, as you could see this contest is extremely harsh and a big challenge! Also to the other finalist, @Dancop and @Lucky_n00b , amazing performance and you guys are benching machines that gave me a huge headache! To be honest i think i had a very fortunate day when everything went very smooth and karma worked in my favor! See you guys next year and thanks to G.skill staff and judges that ensured everything went good and contest took place in first place! 



United States Splave says:

My pleasure. What do you plan on spending the money on 😁😁

United States dumo says:

Congrats @Alex@ro

1 hour ago, Splave said:

My pleasure. What do you plan on spending the money on 😁😁

Bin, bin and bin :)

Romania Alex@ro says:

11 hours ago, Splave said:

My pleasure. What do you plan on spending the money on 😁😁

Bitcoins and nigerian gold mines 😁

United States marco.is.not.80 says:

Next year I'm going to dethrone you  all. The crowd will be awestruck as I pour LN2 with one hand and beat Alex in an arm wrestle with the other hand at the same time balancing a table on my head with Splave on top of it doing his Asrock demo. Look closely at my OpenNoob Table made from 100% Lucky Noob's head. This should pretty much nullify Dancop and anyone else since you can't compete while trying to find your jaw in a huge crowd of Asian people.

God you guys have no idea. Might as well pass me the cape and scepter now.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Bring your uncle Guido to take them magical pics Marco

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