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Name Team League League points UP TPP Options:
Poland Woomack Extreme 379.6pts 9,600.7pts 12,849.4pts team moderator
Poland phobosq Poland Team Extreme 38.5pts 4,819.3pts 5,761.3pts team moderator
Poland ivanov Poland Team Extreme pts 4,775.5pts 6,144.6pts team moderator
Poland bartx Poland Team Extreme 149.8pts 2,485.5pts 2,226pts
Poland aTomic Poland 3d-info Extreme pts 1,702.7pts 1,902.5pts team moderator
Poland myrddin669 Poland United Team of Poland Extreme pts 1,820.3pts 1,083.8pts
Poland Yotomeczek United States XtremeSystems Extreme pts 1,606.7pts 755.3pts
Poland G.Foyle United States XtremeSystems Extreme 53.2pts 1,369.6pts 786.9pts
Poland MILANS Poland United Team of Poland Extreme pts 1,349.3pts 1,191.8pts
Poland qjak Poland 3d-info Extreme pts 1,278.3pts 2,466.3pts
Poland Blu3 Poland Team Extreme pts 1,034.5pts 1,358.3pts
Poland KamilGrzbiecik Poland 3d-info Extreme pts 928.9pts 825.3pts
Poland MarcinGiewicz Poland Extreme Overclockers of Poland Extreme 58.7pts 1,777.5pts 4,385.6pts
Poland majkel Poland United Team of Poland Extreme pts 1,190.7pts 4,194.3pts
Poland Chaos ocXtreme Extreme pts 876.2pts 300.1pts
Poland MaSell ocXtreme Extreme pts 846.1pts 468.9pts
Poland koziro Poland Team Extreme pts 814.9pts 950.9pts team moderator
Poland Nifir Poland Team Extreme pts 662.7pts 680pts
Poland Marecki306 Extreme pts 600.3pts 15.6pts
Poland d3mox Poland 3d-info Extreme pts 546.5pts 549.3pts