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Name Team League League points UP TPP Options:
Germany g_trud Germany Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded Apprentice 1,030pts 4,628.7pts 2,589.6pts
Germany Digg_de Germany Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded Apprentice 1,302.1pts 5,987pts 4,237.2pts
Germany mAlkAv!An Germany PC Games Hardware Apprentice pts 2,703.5pts 1,593.9pts
Germany SirOli Germany Apprentice pts 1,544.8pts 1,036.8pts
Germany P.A.S.S.A.T OC-Team Europe Apprentice pts 2,244pts 1,846.3pts team moderator
Germany microwilli Germany PC Games Hardware Apprentice 219pts 1,228.9pts 1,611.7pts
Germany MaKo OC-Team Europe Apprentice pts 1,201.3pts 231.6pts
Germany uNiT Germany Apprentice pts 1,266.1pts 664.8pts
Germany OCMARTZ Germany Apprentice pts 1,151.3pts 642.8pts
Germany Dr. Tesla Germany Apprentice 345.9pts 836.8pts 584.7pts
Germany Anaboliss Germany Apprentice pts 827pts 568.2pts
Germany TheJudger Germany Extreme Overclockers of Germany Apprentice pts 1,226.3pts 1,550pts
Germany Axl Germany apprentice overclockers of Germany Apprentice pts 1,015.3pts 1,883.8pts
Germany 1whiteshark1 Germany Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded Apprentice 474.4pts 698.4pts 443.2pts
Germany BenchBruno Germany PC Games Hardware Apprentice pts 1,265pts 945.8pts
Germany Barisan OC-Team Europe Apprentice pts 1,815.6pts 2,097.3pts
Germany Schnitzel_12000 Germany PC Games Hardware Apprentice pts 898.5pts 307.5pts
Germany Speedoo Germany PC Games Hardware Apprentice pts 680.1pts 318.4pts
Germany Lord_Darkstar Germany Apprentice 39pts 601.2pts 855.8pts
Germany ThelGamer Germany PC Games Hardware Apprentice 12.3pts 525.4pts 639.6pts