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- Extreme League

52729 marks mit Intel Core i7 2600K at 5904MHz

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25th von 3204


Globaler 4x CPU Rang:

20th von 1636


Core i7 2600K Rang:

9th von 226

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  • Model: Intel Core i7 2600K 'Sandy Bridge'
  • Kühlung: Single Stage Phase Change
  • Geschwindigkeit: 5.904Mhz (+73.65%)
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Greece Stelaras Kommentierte sein eigenes Ergebnis:

First test with 3XACARD @ RAID-0 (Thanks to Varachio !:) ) OSS HD on an LSI controller . Thanks to Zafiropo for the OS preparation ! Thanks to Dinos111 & Aristidis for the help ! Still room for improvement (Web page rendering & pixel shader) . While changing themes we forgot to fix the VGA card clocks and as a result the run was at default clocks. That's what happens when you bench at 3AM . We'll try with 7970 soon .

Greece pastelidis sagt:

Etsiiiii reeeeee


Greece Phil sagt:

Well done mate.Congrats to everyone who helped.

United States Hondacity sagt:


Christian Ney sagt:

Impressive guys, well done, did you use some tweaks coming from my PCM05 tweaking thread ?

Greece fa745(KillerHellas) sagt:

Congrats to Stelaras,Dinos111,Zafiropo & Aristidis......


Greece Stelaras sagt:

Thanks ! :)


All known tweaks have been applied.

Web page , video encoding , transparent ... everything written in you thread . :)

United States SteveRo sagt:

Well done Mr Stelaras - great score - so much to remember now - hard not to forget something!

Greece Stelaras sagt:

Thank you Steve !


Yes . A lot of things to remember and adjust after every restart .

S_A_V sagt:


Your Transparent Windows beats my Pixel Shader :)

Brazil Raul SDT sagt:

Damn...WR on stock VGA clocks...well done!

Brazil Rbuass sagt:

I do not consider PCMark05 as bench (I do not like and I do not bench)....but this result comes from a great overclocker 3D like you is really awesome.

Keep pushing ;)

United States Mikecdm sagt:

very nice score, no doubt it will be much higher the next time around.

Italy Bob80 sagt:

Before running the pcm05 write a check list of the tweak to apply lol

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