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- Elite League

6522 marks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan at 1320/1750MHz

Ranking position


WR Rank:

798th out of 1193


Global 1x GPU rank:

347th out of 917


GeForce GTX Titan rank:

Medal 5th out of 24

Points earned for overclocker league

Points earned for team league

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3DMark11 - Extreme screenshot
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Disk details

  • Capacity: 256GB (IDE)
  • Series: Force SSD (SF-1200 controller)
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Power details

  • Manufacturer: Seasonic
  • Series: Platinum
  • Power: 860 Watt
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Recent Comments

Argentina nacho_arroyo commented on his own score:

Zotac Titan @ H2O

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

Congratulations :)


I see enginering bios 80.10.2C.00.00

Tell me.This bios is only for EVGA or I can use it at my ASUS ?

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

Look.I also have Nvidia Inspector and cannot see option : Increasing Voltage.

Same version of programm like You.

Why ?

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

I've got Asus GTX Titan,driver version : 320.49

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Thanks, this card is ZOTAC, and u can use any bios in any GTX TITAN, cause all are REFERENCE cards.



United States Gunslinger says:

Nice score bro! :D

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

cheater :P

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

HI RES spec for YOu


Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

Just kidding DUDE.

Tell me.What t... is with that GPU-Z that he showed uncorrect readings.

F.E.My sets are higher than Yours,but its not true.

As we can see You scored higher.


It depends of what ?

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Hello ODRZUTOWEWROTKI, yes, GPUz not catch the real GPU boost clock, i dont understand what u mean with :


F.E.My sets are higher than Yours,but its not true.


Sorry for my english.

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

You explain me that exactly post above.This SHI**Y GPUZ LYING.

Now my Titan is in service because I upload wrong BIOS,but when I receive it again i will try You enginering BIOS.

Its allowed for ASUS ? or just for all Titans and I do not have to worry about uploading him ?

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

Last question : Can You somehow send me BIOS which You used.Because this one which I found on net...

I cannot flash it.

What Iam doing wrong ?

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

I cannot upload this ENG.BIOS to my Asus/message : WARNING : Firmware image PCI Subsystem ID <10DE.8451.

does not match adapter PCI Subsystem ID <1043.8451>.


ERROR : PCI Subsystem ID mismatch.

Poland OdrzutoweWrotki says:

Tell me.How You score with that VOLTAGE ? + 0.25 mV ? You even do not need H2o cooling for that.

We really need Your help :)

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