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13sec 391ms with Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200S at 3831MHz

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Cup Gold 1st out of 3

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United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

This is a Q8200S not Q8200 it seems :)

France bolc says:

damned I didn t see that. I will take a picture of the cpu to make sure when my spi32m run is over. I would be pissed if that is the case...

France bolc says:

umounted it and read q8200, hence my first guess, but the code name is SL9GT... so Q8200S... will have to move everything to this category. The scores were amazing though...

United Kingdom Noxinite says:

It's definitely a nice chip and it's great to see others having fun on 775 as well!

France bolc says:
it is really good man, I used my 2nd best or what I thought was my 2nd best ep45 ud3p to bench it on a 240mm AIO, went from 1.64 to 1.70 V, and the cpu went all the way to 565 max fsb... which is pretty much the max fsb of my best ud3p on quads, so far. ok I pushed further vtt and nb to get there on this board, but it may surely do close to 570 on the other board /and/or on cold if I didn t hit the chip fsb wall.
it gave me some practice at least and some fun, I was happy to best scannick :D

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

Being able to clock higher on aio and low volts compared to ln2 and much higher voltage should have set off some alarm bells :P


But yeah nice chip still!

France bolc says:

I just benched a q9400 slb6b coeff x8 and had no trouble with the aio for similar voltages, so there was nothing to worry with the q8200 coeff x7 ;)


and now I am quite sure I should be able to take #2 rank with this board for max frequency, if the cpu does not wall...

France bolc says:

on the q9400, looks like I hit the wall at 561.7 ... :D life could be worse :o

France bolc says:

also looks like spi1M is for me tomorrow :D with 546ish fsb I should get below 11.500 :D

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