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- Elite League

230045 marks with NVIDIA HOF OC Lab Edition GeForce GTX 1080 Ti at MHz

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Cup Gold 1st out of 7139


Global 1x GPU rank:

Cup Gold 1st out of 6610


GeForce GTX 1080 Ti rank:

Cup Gold 1st out of 76

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3DMark2001 SE screenshot
ROG Maximus XI Gene
ROG Maximus XI Gene

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Recent Comments

Sweden Rauf commented on his own score:

Maximus XI Gene

United States techjesse says:


United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

The Rauf tweak not work with the 2080ti? Crazy cpu, 8 cores at 7250!

Sweden Rauf says:

No tool yet for forcing max clocks in old legacy benchmarks for 2080Ti

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

1 minute ago, Rauf said:

No tool yet for forcing max clocks in old legacy benchmarks for 2080Ti

Ah fair

Brazil rodrigoduralon says:

Nice to see Mr Photoshop is still active

Poland SonyHD says:

Nice comeback Swede!

Australia unityofsaints says:

Impressive copy + paste

Serbia d0minat0r says:

Well done!

Sweden Rauf says:

Teamau envy is still strong! Buy actually I have considered revealing this tweak. If you reveal aqua sli "tweak" I will share this. Or maybe you are just throwing rocks while sitting in a glass house...

Hungary subaruwrc says:

how pathetic you are teamau lol ..

Chile Samsarulz says:

Good score as always!.

South Africa Vivi says:

i love drama! crazy score for a crazy bench! nice man

Australia Dinos22 says:

Someone revealed to us what his "tweak" is. James, might as well reveal his "tweak" since everyone is buying the legitimacy of this guy in general......Who wants to see 400K 3D01 with a video proof and all?

Sweden Rauf says:

Please do, but I can not get a higher score than this at this cpu speed. Even 250k is just impossible, if you can do 400k you have just found another cheat. So you'll just make a fool out of yourselves.

Australia Dinos22 says:

we were shown what you're doing by someone who knows

Sweden Rauf says:

Btw, my offer still stands. Aqua sli vs my tweak. Why don't you take me up on this? You got something to hide?

Sweden Rauf says:

There's only one other person in the world who knows, and I can assure you that person has not told you.

Australia KaRtA says:

I’m just here with my popcorn. Please continue.

Romania suzuki says:

We should invite more people in here,maybe something will transpire :D.

 @zeropluszero @GeorgeStorm

Netherlands hidde663 says:

Compared to the delly's score, based on the 2 extra core's and clock speed in this CPU bound bench, RAUF should have gotten a score of around: ((100+(7250-6300)/6300*100)/6*8)*1449488= 22240698 points, not taking into consideration the memory

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

Would be nice for the two most notorious tweaks to be known, hope you guys take up rauf's offer.

Hungary Achill3uS says:

Im also with George on this. This is one of the most fav benchmark of the old guys and in general a lot of xocer. It has one reason: tweaking. In the past we were facing with some magical boosts like mipmap tweak, d3d overrider for nature. after reveal of these to the community we decided which one is legit and which one claims as a cheat. To be fair and respectful manner I would recommend to do reveal this tweak as well in order to categorize it. However I can understand it must be hard to share something you spent a lot of time to figure out. Also please consider there is no point to rule a benchmark without competitive company =D Long live the 01SE.

Australia zeropluszero says:

On 10/20/2018 at 9:05 PM, suzuki said:

We should invite more people in here,maybe something will transpire :D.

 @zeropluszero @GeorgeStorm

im busy

Belarus max1024 says:

New WR!!!

LewdLila says:



3DMark01 WR without OCing the GPU :thinking:

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