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- Elite League

3027.2 MHz with DDR4 SDRAM at 3027.2MHz

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Cup Silver 2nd out of 2153


Global rank:

Cup Silver 2nd out of 2153


DDR4 SDRAM rank:

Cup Silver 2nd out of 649

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Recent Comments

Greece OGS commented on his own score:

Another one! Also done live @Micron Insight 2019 Thanks to Ballistix and ASUS for the support!

United States Mythical tech says:

Amazing job!

Taiwan bianbao says:

nice job! very impressive record.

Russian Federation Ananerbe says:

Hole s... OMG! Amazing job!

FlanK3r says:

Wow, that is sick score! It is in theory possible to get more? Or it is limit of CPU imc or memory?

Greece OGS says:

So far looks like IMC limitation.

Memory should still have more 😁

United States GtiJason says:

Very Nice !

Belarus max1024 says:

COOoolcrazzzyyy ))) Welcome to the 6 gigahertz club!

United Kingdom Noxinite says:


Greece TASOS says:

Congrats guys !!!

Impressive score !!!



Germany Don_Dan says:

Amazing achievement, guys! :)

websmile says:

Seems you nailed it this time, grats, Phil and Stavros :)

mickulty says:

Big respect for being the kind of guys to get a WR and still go improve! This is an amazing score!

Romania Bruno says:

Awesome score!

Shadyreaper says:

Nice work guys but I wanna know where Starvos hat is? Lol

Serbia Gulftown says:

AMD power :)

Sweden Rauf says:

Nice work! And as usual, Phil does all the work and Stavros sits on his as! ;)

United States bigblock990 says:

Excellent job!!

United States Splave says:

any pics or links to the event? awesome freq

United States Sampson says:

Amazing job! Awesome!

Greece OGS says:

Thanks guys! Some additional photos can be found here:

@Rauf rare photo of me doing work leaked online :P

Germany ground1556 says:

I guess trcd scales negatively above 27?

Sweden Rauf says:

4 hours ago, FireKillerGR said:


@Rauf rare photo of me doing work leaked online :P

Clearly photoshopped!

But seriously, again nice work on this! 

Greece Phil says:

9 hours ago, Splave said:

any pics or links to the event? awesome freq

I got a good one 😁


United States ShrimpBrime says:

Covers face and hands, legs bare! Awesome! 😎

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

Well done guys 👌

United States says:

That... That's - I...don't know... what to say it's just...



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