Argentina New Generation OC Team members

Argentina New Generation OC Team has 3 members which have contributed to the team total points. Pablocs08 has contributed the most, with a total of 18282.8 points!

Team captains

This team has no captains assigned. Please contact HWBOT crew or leave a message on the forums to gain captain privileges.

Member Of The Month February.

AgustinXtreme made 16 submissions, worth 292.4 points, which earned him the title of member of the month February.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
AgustinXtreme 3 submissions worth 24.0 points

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 19,672.25pts flag   Pablocs08 Extreme 18,282.80 13,894.50
2. 1,490.67pts flag   AgustinXtreme Extreme 1,434.70 559.70
3. 723.12pts flag   Nicoklo Enthusiast 689.50 336.20

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Pablocs08 1x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 1053x Cup Gold 564x Cup Silver 325x Cup Bronze 434x Medal
2. flag   AgustinXtreme 2x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
3. flag   Nicoklo 3x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 12x Medal