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JagatReview.com Indonesia has 11 members which have contributed to the team total points. Lucky_n00b has contributed the most, with a total of 6530.6 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

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Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 7,099.10pts flag   Lucky_n00b Elite 6,530.60 5,685.00
2. 3,013.11pts flag   bboyjezz Extreme 2,750.00 2,631.10
3. 972.83pts flag   MaVeRCK Enthusiast 950.10 227.30
4. 598.17pts flag   Coldest Extreme 531.30 668.70
5. 355.30pts flag   cerpelai Extreme 340.20 151.00
6. 319.28pts flag   slythz Extreme 273.40 458.80
7. 314.49pts flag   I.R.I.S Extreme 284.70 297.90
8. 166.80pts flag   Rookie_JR Extreme 143.70 231.00
9. 157.59pts flag   Gunawan_Y Enthusiast 150.90 66.90
10. 122.20pts flag   dimedevil Extreme 113.40 88.00
11. 79.87pts flag   gatorinxs Extreme 73.80 60.70

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Lucky_n00b 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 17x Cup Gold 36x Cup Silver 20x Cup Bronze 33x Medal
2. flag   bboyjezz 18x Cup Gold 8x Cup Silver 13x Cup Bronze 14x Medal
3. flag   MaVeRCK 5x Cup Gold 13x Cup Silver 5x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
4. flag   Coldest 4x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 5x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
5. flag   cerpelai 18x Cup Gold 20x Cup Silver 12x Cup Bronze 15x Medal
6. flag   slythz 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
7. flag   I.R.I.S 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
8. flag   Rookie_JR 2x Cup Bronze
9. flag   Gunawan_Y 8x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
10. flag   dimedevil 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
11. flag   gatorinxs 1x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal