PremaMod members

PremaMod has 35 members which have contributed to the team total points. Johnksss has contributed the most, with a total of 7884.3 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

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Member Of The Month July.

Papusan made 102 submissions, worth 579.2 points, which earned him the title of member of the month July.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
Papusan 128 submissions worth 125.7 points
Khenglish 15 submissions worth 39.6 points
Baddemichl 12 submissions worth 19.1 points
Mr. Fox 5 submissions worth 4.1 points
ssj92 2 submissions worth 3.4 points

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 8,313.74pts flag   Johnksss Extreme 7,884.30 4,294.40
2. 5,359.35pts flag   Papusan Enthusiast 5,211.10 1,482.50
3. 4,257.10pts flag   Mr. Fox Apprentice 4,121.50 1,356.00
4. 3,970.42pts flag   sweepersc Enthusiast 3,855.80 1,146.20
5. 1,813.17pts flag   Baddemichl Enthusiast 1,751.00 621.70
6. 1,077.04pts flag   iunlock Apprentice 1,031.50 455.40
7. 1,039.99pts flag   DeanoMax Enthusiast 1,018.30 216.90
8. 815.70pts flag   Rageset Enthusiast 763.30 524.00
9. 703.91pts flag   Prema Enthusiast 673.70 302.10
10. 484.28pts flag   Raiderman Enthusiast 466.00 182.80
11. 189.09pts flag   Luca aaronne Enthusiast 177.40 116.90
12. 107.45pts flag   cq842000 Enthusiast 98.60 88.50
13. 102.90pts flag   Khenglish Enthusiast 94.60 83.00
14. 97.59pts flag   Reciever Novice 90.30 72.90
15. 86.96pts flag   bennyg Enthusiast 80.30 66.60
16. 86.48pts flag   t0bimaru Enthusiast 83.90 25.80
17. 80.79pts flag   str8_an94baller Enthusiast 76.00 47.90
18. 48.79pts flag   v56m Enthusiast 42.50 62.90
19. 48.01pts flag   ssj92 Enthusiast 45.90 21.10
20. 47.96pts flag   bloodhawk Enthusiast 40.10 78.60
21. 41.80pts flag   coolane Enthusiast 37.30 45.00
22. 39.88pts flag   amnixou Novice 32.30 75.80
23. 36.89pts flag   Arrrbol Enthusiast 35.00 18.90
24. 31.65pts flag   TboneSan Enthusiast 30.20 14.50
25. 30.48pts flag   Legion343 Enthusiast 28.30 21.80
26. 10.79pts flag   TalonNBR Enthusiast 9.00 17.90
27. 10.34pts flag   texsc98 Enthusiast 10.10 2.40
28. 6.52pts flag   Kitty Enthusiast 5.40 11.20
29. 6.10pts flag   Falkentyne Enthusiast 5.20 9.00
30. 3.80pts flag   juang1985 Enthusiast 3.80 0.00
31. 2.50pts flag   ahmadkaram Enthusiast 2.50 0.00
32. 2.15pts flag   thatonegirl_viv Enthusiast 2.00 1.50
33. 0.98pts flag   Meaker Enthusiast 0.00 9.80
34. 0.84pts flag   Scerate Enthusiast 0.00 8.40
35. 0.40pts flag   GTVEVO Enthusiast 0.00 4.00

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Johnksss 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 428x Cup Gold 95x Cup Silver 45x Cup Bronze 54x Medal
2. flag   Papusan 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 449x Cup Gold 124x Cup Silver 48x Cup Bronze 48x Medal
3. flag   Mr. Fox 2x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 7x Medal 94x Cup Gold 111x Cup Silver 27x Cup Bronze 37x Medal
4. flag   sweepersc 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 6x Medal 42x Cup Gold 52x Cup Silver 27x Cup Bronze 34x Medal
5. flag   Baddemichl 1x Medal 280x Cup Gold 32x Cup Silver 12x Cup Bronze 7x Medal
6. flag   iunlock 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 2x Medal 16x Cup Gold 21x Cup Silver 17x Cup Bronze 18x Medal
7. flag   DeanoMax
8. flag   Rageset 3x Medal 12x Cup Gold 13x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 10x Medal
9. flag   Prema 52x Cup Gold 15x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
10. flag   Raiderman 1x Medal 11x Cup Gold 6x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 12x Medal
11. flag   Luca aaronne 5x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
12. flag   cq842000 1x Cup Silver 2x Medal
13. flag   Khenglish 16x Cup Gold 6x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
14. flag   Reciever 9x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
15. flag   bennyg 9x Cup Gold 7x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
16. flag   t0bimaru 4x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
17. flag   str8_an94baller 9x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
18. flag   v56m 3x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
19. flag   ssj92 3x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
20. flag   bloodhawk 1x Cup Silver 3x Medal
21. flag   coolane 7x Cup Gold 4x Cup Bronze
22. flag   amnixou 5x Cup Gold 5x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
23. flag   Arrrbol 1x Cup Gold
24. flag   TboneSan 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal
25. flag   Legion343 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
26. flag   TalonNBR 2x Cup Silver
27. flag   texsc98
28. flag   Kitty 1x Medal
29. flag   Falkentyne 1x Cup Silver
30. flag   juang1985
31. flag   ahmadkaram
32. flag   thatonegirl_viv
33. flag   Meaker 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze
34. flag   Scerate
35. flag   GTVEVO 1x Cup Silver