Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded members

Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded has 46 members which have contributed to the team total points. Bullshooter has contributed the most, with a total of 16714.0 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

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Member Of The Month September.

Sir_Nobs_of_rone_II. made 246 submissions, worth 1181.1 points, which earned him the title of member of the month September.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
P5ych0 18 submissions worth 451.5 points
Eisbaer798 63 submissions worth 410.5 points
Nik 12 submissions worth 281.8 points
sergmann 8 submissions worth 253.4 points
Kolby_Powers 26 submissions worth 209.8 points
13 more members submitted in the last month.

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 18,620.53pts flag   Bullshooter Extreme 16,714.00 19,065.30
2. 13,244.97pts flag   True Monkey Extreme 11,820.40 14,245.70
3. 8,678.33pts flag   michel90 Extreme 7,385.60 12,927.30
4. 7,525.46pts flag   UE50 Extreme 6,467.20 10,582.60
5. 7,233.24pts flag   Eisbaer798 Extreme 6,155.50 10,777.40
6. 6,851.40pts flag   Sir_Nobs_of_rone_II. Extreme 6,627.70 2,237.00
7. 5,765.19pts flag   minicoopers Extreme 5,127.90 6,372.90
8. 5,105.69pts flag   Digg_de Apprentice 4,386.30 7,193.90
9. 3,327.30pts flag   P5ych0 Extreme 2,899.10 4,282.00
10. 3,326.57pts flag   g_trud Apprentice 2,817.00 5,095.70
11. 3,262.00pts flag   Nik Extreme 2,761.50 5,005.00
12. 3,139.86pts flag   sergmann Extreme 2,577.20 5,626.60
13. 2,134.65pts flag   TanteKaethe Extreme 1,786.70 3,479.50
14. 2,077.83pts flag   Animetakerfan Extreme 1,852.30 2,255.30
15. 1,909.17pts flag   Kolby_Powers Extreme 1,631.80 2,773.70
16. 1,610.89pts flag   quiekMew Extreme 1,321.00 2,898.90
17. 1,181.10pts flag   CENS Extreme 1,110.40 707.00
18. 1,065.92pts flag   noliso Extreme 892.50 1,734.20
19. 1,036.13pts flag   1whiteshark1 Extreme 923.20 1,129.30
20. 714.22pts flag   Dr. Tesla Apprentice 576.30 1,379.20
21. 677.16pts flag   ground1556 Extreme 553.10 1,240.60
22. 463.62pts flag   etakubi Enthusiast 382.70 809.20
23. 447.86pts flag   DJRamses Extreme 389.20 586.60
24. 333.74pts flag   4lph40m394 Enthusiast 282.00 517.40
25. 255.53pts flag   3urner Extreme 186.90 686.30
26. 178.05pts flag   Black Cobra Extreme 137.30 407.50
27. 164.11pts flag   copperhead 2.0 Enthusiast 152.60 115.10
28. 156.27pts flag   donkel Extreme 105.60 506.70
29. 146.83pts flag   Gunzi Extreme 85.10 617.30
30. 125.02pts flag   rusco Extreme 110.40 146.20
31. 123.82pts flag   martma Enthusiast 106.20 176.20
32. 97.84pts flag   immediaman Extreme 30.30 675.40
33. 69.00pts flag   sbode Enthusiast 49.10 199.00
34. 43.19pts flag   Beef Supreme Enthusiast 25.30 178.90
35. 37.30pts flag   d6bmg Enthusiast 29.30 80.00
36. 27.39pts flag   jay330 Enthusiast 21.10 62.90
37. 24.68pts flag   Nahlin Enthusiast 23.90 7.80
38. 23.82pts flag   jamison80 Enthusiast 20.20 36.20
39. 20.87pts flag   _feaRless Enthusiast 14.70 61.70
40. 17.23pts flag   Richthoven Novice 16.40 8.30
41. 9.90pts flag   alphinex Novice 9.50 4.00
42. 8.55pts flag   Mmichel Enthusiast 6.70 18.50
43. 6.50pts flag   Sisu Enthusiast 6.50 0.00
44. 6.44pts flag   chs Enthusiast 4.20 22.40
45. 4.31pts flag   CuriosiTea Novice 3.90 4.10
46. 1.81pts flag   RTX_BreadSkate Novice 0.00 18.10

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Bullshooter 2x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 184x Cup Gold 125x Cup Silver 99x Cup Bronze 141x Medal
2. flag   True Monkey 2x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 919x Cup Gold 437x Cup Silver 244x Cup Bronze 286x Medal
3. flag   michel90 1x Medal 110x Cup Gold 120x Cup Silver 93x Cup Bronze 127x Medal
4. flag   UE50 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 187x Cup Gold 232x Cup Silver 230x Cup Bronze 372x Medal
5. flag   Eisbaer798 359x Cup Gold 200x Cup Silver 96x Cup Bronze 124x Medal
6. flag   Sir_Nobs_of_rone_II. 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 736x Cup Gold 151x Cup Silver 95x Cup Bronze 119x Medal
7. flag   minicoopers 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 94x Cup Gold 139x Cup Silver 52x Cup Bronze 55x Medal
8. flag   Digg_de 159x Cup Gold 130x Cup Silver 86x Cup Bronze 160x Medal
9. flag   P5ych0 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 9x Cup Gold 10x Cup Silver 15x Cup Bronze 13x Medal
10. flag   g_trud 55x Cup Gold 75x Cup Silver 36x Cup Bronze 51x Medal
11. flag   Nik 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 4x Medal 29x Cup Gold 46x Cup Silver 27x Cup Bronze 45x Medal
12. flag   sergmann 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 11x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 9x Cup Bronze 15x Medal
13. flag   TanteKaethe 98x Cup Gold 88x Cup Silver 46x Cup Bronze 51x Medal
14. flag   Animetakerfan 39x Cup Gold 40x Cup Silver 38x Cup Bronze 76x Medal
15. flag   Kolby_Powers 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 58x Cup Gold 48x Cup Silver 20x Cup Bronze 44x Medal
16. flag   quiekMew 32x Cup Gold 31x Cup Silver 23x Cup Bronze 12x Medal
17. flag   CENS 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 5x Cup Gold 16x Cup Silver 6x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
18. flag   noliso 1x Cup Silver 33x Cup Gold 26x Cup Silver 26x Cup Bronze 28x Medal
19. flag   1whiteshark1 1x Cup Silver 22x Cup Gold 13x Cup Silver 13x Cup Bronze 7x Medal
20. flag   Dr. Tesla 11x Cup Gold 19x Cup Silver 13x Cup Bronze 15x Medal
21. flag   ground1556 29x Cup Gold 22x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 17x Medal
22. flag   etakubi 3x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 11x Cup Bronze 29x Medal
23. flag   DJRamses 4x Cup Gold 6x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 8x Medal
24. flag   4lph40m394 3x Cup Gold 14x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 9x Medal
25. flag   3urner 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 4x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
26. flag   Black Cobra 4x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
27. flag   copperhead 2.0 23x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 4x Medal
28. flag   donkel 2x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
29. flag   Gunzi 3x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 1x Medal
30. flag   rusco 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
31. flag   martma 1x Cup Bronze
32. flag   immediaman 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
33. flag   sbode 3x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
34. flag   Beef Supreme 1x Medal
35. flag   d6bmg 1x Medal
36. flag   jay330 1x Cup Silver
37. flag   Nahlin
38. flag   jamison80 1x Medal
39. flag   _feaRless 1x Cup Bronze
40. flag   Richthoven 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 2x Medal
41. flag   alphinex 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver
42. flag   Mmichel
43. flag   Sisu
44. flag   chs
45. flag   CuriosiTea
46. flag   RTX_BreadSkate