Warp9-systems members

Warp9-systems has 30 members which have contributed to the team total points. Aleslammer has contributed the most, with a total of 28447.3 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

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Member Of The Month April.

avalanche made 42 submissions, worth 499.7 points, which earned him the title of member of the month April.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
Bullant 10 submissions worth 387.4 points
Shadyreaper 6 submissions worth 196.7 points
cbjaust 55 submissions worth 130.9 points
rushed down 40 submissions worth 113.5 points
Bones 6 submissions worth 68.0 points
6 more members submitted in the last month.

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 30,148.98pts flag   Aleslammer Apprentice 28,447.30 17,016.80
2. 23,198.39pts flag   MrPaco Enthusiast 22,034.80 11,635.90
3. 14,557.42pts flag   sparkey247 Extreme 13,481.60 10,758.20
4. 13,223.66pts flag   macsbeach98 Extreme 11,850.50 13,731.60
5. 12,177.16pts flag   ksateaaa23 Enthusiast 11,571.60 6,055.60
6. 11,838.54pts flag   IntelGuy Extreme 11,405.10 4,334.40
7. 11,332.53pts flag   LewdLila Apprentice 10,946.30 3,862.30
8. 7,753.56pts flag   avalanche Enthusiast 7,388.90 3,646.60
9. 7,677.54pts flag   Fasttrack Apprentice 7,262.40 4,151.40
10. 5,838.92pts flag   cbjaust Enthusiast 5,563.00 2,759.20
11. 4,433.94pts flag   Bullant Extreme 4,006.90 4,270.40
12. 4,351.90pts flag   kotori Apprentice 3,889.60 4,623.00
13. 3,955.25pts flag   CHUCKGUNZ Apprentice 3,511.20 4,440.50
14. 3,532.81pts flag   Shadyreaper Extreme 3,145.50 3,873.10
15. 3,482.50pts flag   ViNG Apprentice 2,990.70 4,918.00
16. 2,921.94pts flag   Mr.Scott Apprentice 2,558.10 3,638.40
17. 2,896.25pts flag   Bones Extreme 2,557.40 3,388.50
18. 1,670.96pts flag   ShrimpBrime Extreme 1,506.30 1,646.60
19. 1,124.64pts flag   Casanova Extreme 931.00 1,936.40
20. 1,070.61pts flag   matty50racer Apprentice 937.20 1,334.10
21. 923.21pts flag   WhiteWulfe Apprentice 830.30 929.10
22. 423.82pts flag   cjgdsgrc50 Apprentice 357.10 667.20
23. 352.39pts flag   rushed down Apprentice 312.40 399.90
24. 334.23pts flag   glnn_23 Enthusiast 307.00 272.30
25. 243.39pts flag   Vinster Apprentice 220.80 225.90
26. 175.25pts flag   zila1 Enthusiast 165.60 96.50
27. 135.19pts flag   alamakluke Enthusiast 117.50 176.90
28. 124.19pts flag   OsmiumOC Enthusiast 73.50 506.90
29. 31.68pts flag   mistone Enthusiast 30.20 14.80
30. 22.47pts flag   storm-chaser Enthusiast 19.60 28.70

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Aleslammer 4x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 3147x Cup Gold 1232x Cup Silver 526x Cup Bronze 547x Medal
2. flag   MrPaco 9x Cup Gold 8x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 10x Medal 2311x Cup Gold 858x Cup Silver 358x Cup Bronze 449x Medal
3. flag   sparkey247 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 1365x Cup Gold 702x Cup Silver 502x Cup Bronze 598x Medal
4. flag   macsbeach98 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 438x Cup Gold 273x Cup Silver 225x Cup Bronze 253x Medal
5. flag   ksateaaa23 4x Cup Gold 9x Cup Silver 7x Cup Bronze 12x Medal 595x Cup Gold 445x Cup Silver 280x Cup Bronze 343x Medal
6. flag   IntelGuy 2x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 4x Medal 1624x Cup Gold 653x Cup Silver 337x Cup Bronze 295x Medal
7. flag   LewdLila 1x Cup Gold 7x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 13x Medal 697x Cup Gold 450x Cup Silver 312x Cup Bronze 345x Medal
8. flag   avalanche 7x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 7x Cup Bronze 9x Medal 111x Cup Gold 80x Cup Silver 50x Cup Bronze 91x Medal
9. flag   Fasttrack 3x Cup Gold 7x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 26x Cup Gold 42x Cup Silver 33x Cup Bronze 51x Medal
10. flag   cbjaust 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 420x Cup Gold 200x Cup Silver 127x Cup Bronze 199x Medal
11. flag   Bullant 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 44x Cup Gold 18x Cup Silver 25x Cup Bronze 12x Medal
12. flag   kotori 332x Cup Gold 110x Cup Silver 63x Cup Bronze 62x Medal
13. flag   CHUCKGUNZ 211x Cup Gold 253x Cup Silver 212x Cup Bronze 221x Medal
14. flag   Shadyreaper 1x Cup Gold 3x Medal 9x Cup Gold 10x Cup Silver 21x Cup Bronze 47x Medal
15. flag   ViNG 123x Cup Gold 149x Cup Silver 88x Cup Bronze 145x Medal
16. flag   Mr.Scott 1x Medal 139x Cup Gold 124x Cup Silver 101x Cup Bronze 153x Medal
17. flag   Bones 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 171x Cup Gold 114x Cup Silver 77x Cup Bronze 99x Medal
18. flag   ShrimpBrime 1x Medal 106x Cup Gold 73x Cup Silver 80x Cup Bronze 80x Medal
19. flag   Casanova 16x Cup Gold 7x Cup Silver 6x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
20. flag   matty50racer 33x Cup Gold 10x Cup Silver 5x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
21. flag   WhiteWulfe 24x Cup Gold 22x Cup Silver 18x Cup Bronze 49x Medal
22. flag   cjgdsgrc50 11x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
23. flag   rushed down 15x Cup Gold 16x Cup Silver 20x Cup Bronze 18x Medal
24. flag   glnn_23 1x Cup Gold 1x Medal 6x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
25. flag   Vinster 9x Cup Gold 19x Cup Silver 6x Cup Bronze 19x Medal
26. flag   zila1 2x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
27. flag   alamakluke 2x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
28. flag   OsmiumOC 2x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
29. flag   mistone 2x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver
30. flag   storm-chaser 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal