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Xtreme Addict`s Core i7 5820K at 5910MHz with an ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard - -5°C

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Xtreme Addict`s Core i7 5820K at 5910MHz with an ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard - -5°C

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    Poland Xtreme Addict commented on his own score:

    5.9 GHz @ 1.65v no cold slow mode! This CPU is just crazy. New cpu testing (L batch!), soon more, I think 6 GHz is possible. Kingpin Venom @ CPU, Rampage V Extreme, HyperX 3200C16 Hynix 4x4 Quad, Corsair 1500W AX and Galaxy Fish GPU!

    Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

    Killeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer beeeeer!

    Russian Federation Smoke says:

    Congrad!!! What happened with this world XTU x6 give 161 global points LOL)))

    United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

    Full retard well done XA!

    Greece OGS says:

    nice cpu and score bro; congrats :D

    Philippines dhenzjhen says:

    Super chip!!!

    United States coolhandluke41 says:

    ..b e a u t i f u l...

    United States steponz says:


    Romania Bruno says:

    X.tremely A.wesome! :)

    Germany minicoopers says:


    Germany BenchBros says:

    Very strong Michal!!!!

    Japan Hideo says:

    Strong and nice run!!

    Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

    MONSTER result, keep pushing it bro!

    South Africa DrWeez says:

    great chip. good find bud

    Germany der8auer says:

    Good work there :)

    Netherlands 5erveD says:

    Nice !

    South Africa Vivi says:


    United States steponz says:

    It is a bit much for points.. 211.8? is this the highest.. and we did legacy balancing.. pretty funny.... still very nice result...

    United States Random says:

    I think Vivi summed it up perfectly.


    Very nice XA

    Australia Dinos22 says:

    Good job mate

    Australia Dinos22 says:

    agree about the points, it's insane, especially considering how severely reduced the points are for benches like legacy 3D

    Belgium Massman says:

    Points algorithm stretched to its limits ... yikes!

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